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OnlineInvoices is the only online software you will ever need to manage your clinic or medical center. Our system will fully automate your practice, meaning you and your staff are working in the areas that matter, allowing you to provide better service to your patients and run a more profitable business. OnlineInvoices provides a billing and accounting system developed for clinics. Using OnlineInvoices, you will able to create appointments quickly and easily for your patients, create a full profile for every patient containing his medical history, visits, and billing (timeline), do all your clinic accounting and track expenses and income, and track the stock of your medical supplies used in your clinic. Divide work tasks between the practitioners and assign different patients to different practitioners. View the full actions log (timeline) of each practitioner. Keep track of medical supplies, stock, and equipment easily

Check Clinic management and accounting system to know how OnlineInvoices can help you manage your clinic or hospital.

To manage your clinic or hospital, register for a free account on OnlineInvoices Billing and Accounting Software.

In this tutorial, we will highlight:

  • Add new patients (Clients).
  • Add your medical reveal or consultation appointment.
  • Schedule appointments with your patients.
  • Add notes and attach files to a patient’s profile.
  • Create invoices and invoice your patients (Clients) for medical reveal fees and medical equipment.
  • Track the expenses, income, and taxes for clinic or hospital.
  • Add staff members and doctors to help you manage your patients.
  • Create Profit and loss Reports

First, you will need an account in OnlineInvoices. Log in to your account or register for a free account now.

Adding New Patients to your system:

The first step in managing your clinic\hospital is to add your patients (Create a detailed profile page for each patient, including personal information, patient’s case, medical reveal fees, medical consultation fees, patient’s follow-up, medical surgery appointment, and payment history).

To add new patients, login to your system and follow these steps:

  1. From the “Clients” menu, choose “Add New Client“.
  2. Complete the “Client Details” field:  Check this for more info, How to Add New Clients in Online Invoices.
  3. Click on the Save button to save the new patient.

After you complete adding your patients, you can list the clinic fees and medical consultation fees or medical equipment you provide.

Adding your clinic fees or products:

  1. From the”Products” menu, choose “Create product“.
  2. Add your product or your service details:  Check this for more info, How to add new products in Online Invoices.
  3. Click on the “Submit” button to save the new product.

Appointments management is another feature OnlineInvoices introduced to manage your patients efficiently. You can use appointments to schedule medical appointments, appointments with patients, or general appointments to finish any related task to your clinic or hospital.

Schedule appointments with patients:

  1. From the “Clients” menu, choose “Appointments“.
  2. Click the “New Appointment” button from the top right corner.
  3. The “Schedule a New Appointment” will open.
  4. Choose a patient from the “Client” drop-down menu.
  5. Choose a date and a time from the “Date” calendar.
  6. Choose an action from the “Action to-do” list.
  7. Add any related notes to the appointment.
  8. Click the “Save” button to save the appointment.

Notes and attachments are other cool features to help you follow up with your patients. You can add notes and attach files to any patient’s profile. These notes can be beneficial to the clinic or hospital, and their use is limitless. You can add notes to your patient’s profile, show the progress of his medical case and his medical examination, his surgery appointment, and medical consultation. Notes can be shared with patients or can be kept private for the doctors and staff.

To add a new note and attachment, follow these steps:

  1. From the “Clients” menu choose “Manage Clients”.
  2. From the patient list, next to the patient you wish to view an activity log for, click the arrow then click the “Add New Note” button”.
  3. From the client view page, click the “Add Note / Attachment” button.
  4. The Add new page will open.
  5. Choose a date from the “Date” field.
  6. Choose an action from the “Action Performed” drop-down menu.
  7. Choose a new client status from the “Update Status to” drop-down menu.
  8. Add your note in the text area.
  9. Attach any related files from the “Attachments”  area.
  10. If you wish to schedule an appointment, activate the appointments area.
  11. Tick the “Share with client” checkbox if you wish to share the note/attachment with your client.
  12. Click the “Save” button to Save the note and attachment.

Invoicing for your clinic or hospital fees, services, and products:

  1. From the “Invoices” menu, choose “Create Invoice”.
  2. To get in-depth info about creating Invoices, visit: Create Your first invoice.
  3. After filling out the invoice with your service info, click the “Save & Send Email” or “Print” button.
  4. To receive payments online for your invoice, you will need to set up a payment gateway.
    Check these links and configure your gateway:
  1. How to Invoice Your Client Using 2Checkout.
  2. How to Invoice Your Clients Using Stripe.
  3. How to Invoice Your Client Using Authorize.net.
  4. How to Invoice Your Clients Using PayPal.

Recording clinic or hospital Expenses:

OnlineInvoice also works as online expenses tracking software.

To create or add new expenses to your online invoices system:

  1. From the “Finance” menu, choose “Add Expenses“.
  2. Fill the detail of the expense:  check this link for more info Tracking Expenses in Online Invoices.
  3. Click “Submit” to save the new expense.

Adding staff to your system:

  1. From the “Staff” menu, choose “Add Staff“.
  2. Add your staff member details
    1. Name
    2. Email address and a password the staff member will use to login to the system.
    3. Set a “role” for your staff member.
    4. Tick the “Active” checkbox.
  3. Click the “Save” button.

Set roles for your staff within the system

According to your staff member’s role in your business, you can assign him/her a set of roles, so he/she can use the system to add info about patients, note work was done, or invoice your clients.

To Create a New Role:

  1. From the “Staff” menu, choose “Manage Staff Role“.
  2. The “Manage Staff Role” page lists all the available created roles.
  3. From the top right corner, click “New Role“.
  4. The “New Roles” page will list all the permissions that can be associated with the staff member as in this picture below.
  5. Add a name for the role.
  6. Tick the “Is Admin” if you wish to give this staff member full permissions for the system.
  7. Tick the permissions you wish to give to that role, but be careful, as some roles need other roles from other sections, so the staff members work together smoothly. Before you give a person invoicing ability, you should give them access to the products and clients and enable them to view invoices too.
  8. Click “Submit” to save the new role.

Creating Profit and loss Reports

What is a Profit & Loss Report (P&L)?

The profit and loss statement/report is a summary of the financial performance of a business over time (monthly, quarterly or annually is most common). It reflects the past performance of the business and is the report most often used by small business owners to track how their business is performing.
To access the Profit and Loss report (P&L):
From the “Reports” menu, choose ” Accounting Reports“.
From the “Accounting Reports” menu, choose ” Profit&Loss“.
  1. Choose a Period: Monthly, Quarterly (3 months), or Yearly.
  2. Income: Choose to include only paid invoices in the income or all invoices.
  3. Date Range: Choose a date range.
  4. Currency: Choose a currency.
Click “Show Report” to generate the report.

The report generated will show your income (from invoices) and your expenses in a graph and a table – the last field is the profit (or loss) for the selected time period.

 Once the report is generated, you can Export it to CSV, PDF, or print it.

Check Online Accounting and patient management software to know how OnlineInvoices can help you manage your clinic.

To manage your clinic, register for a free account on OnlineInvoices Billing and Accounting Software.

Contact us if you have an issue or more questions.

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