Clinic management and accounting system

Complete integrated hospital management software.

Advanced and comprehensive management system integrating all clinical needs in one place.

All-in-one health practice solution with a comprehensive array of modules for managing a hospital, clinic, or laboratory. Back and front office full integration comes with clinical decision support and science-based care. Our telehealth solution is featured with inventory, CRM, facility management, accounts and payroll modules.

Healthcare-specific CRM

  • Boost your healthcare offerings based on patients’ data-driven profiles.
  • Foster long-standing relationships with patients and stakeholders .
  • Bind multiple sources of data together: financial, clinical, sales, etc.
  • Automate follow-up calls, emails, and text reminders with your patients.
  • Enhance scheduling across your facility and follow up discharged patients.

Streamlined clinical operations

  • Manage your revenue cycle while streamlining billing and reimbursement.
  • Designed to manage all aspects of clinics operations.
  • Improve your clinic efficiency with automated processes.
  • Optimize patient case management.
  • Ensure nursing resources are appropriately utilized .
Inventory Management.
Inventory Management.

Bills and documents management

  • e-Billing options for patients and other stakeholders.
  • Medical billing module to verify insurance eligibility.
  • Calculate profit and compute practitioner commission .
  • Apply discounts easily and settle payment by any method.

Nurses, practitioners, doctors, administrators, laboratory staff, etc.

  • Expand staff capacity and enhance clinical care.
  • Give access to outpatient clinics administrators.
  • Manage staff members involved in a variety of activities.
  • Add more human resources and improve wait times.
Inventory Management.
Inventory Management.

Keep track of medical supplies, stock, and equipment easily

  • Keep track of stock and know the exact stock level of medical supplies at all times.
  • View the full transactions history.
  • Be sent reminders when an item is low in stock.
  • Place new orders instantly with our excellent inventory management tool.
  • Quickly see what products are selling to which customers.

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