Beauty salon management & appointment software

Take the advantage of technology to organize and run your business operations easily and smoothly by simply using our multi-featured beauty salon management system.

You’ll never have to worry about double-booking again or missing appointments with our scheduling & booking system, You will keep track of cosmetics and beauty products stock, you will able to invoice your customer for both provided services and sold products.

Keep track of your salon through a single dashboard

Your upcoming appointments would be clearly represented on Online Invoices comprehensive dashboard, completed with the Productivity Meter and the graph diagrams shows your revenue and income, Get to know everything related to your business through the vital tabs displaying your latest issues "Invoices" and their current statuses ("Paid", "Draft", "Partially Paid, "Unpaid"), Your upcoming schedule "Appointments", your products that running low, your total profit & loss, all presented in simple graph diagrams.

Schedule appointments and manage bookings

Schedule appointments and manage bookings

  • Create and arrange appointments with your client with the required action for each client.
  • Assign appointments to hair stylists or Barbers according to the business needs and your vision.
  • Get a list of daily appointments and actions to be done.
Inventory Management.

Manage Your Clients in the best efficient way ever

  • Create a full detailed profile for each customer with the details of the last performed actions, issued invoices (Paid, Partially Paid or fully paid), and with the current balance due of each client
  • Be able to schedule appointments and manage appointments.
  • Get a quick list of clients with different statuses (who need confirmation calls )
  • Fill your schedule then manage it all through using one screen.
  • to be able to pre-book, add, modify and double check any appointment with just a few simple clicks.
  • Store your full list of clients with their contact details and their full activity logs.

Organize your beauty Salon accounting & financial operations easily and neatly

  • Create invoices (With optional taxes) easily with a few clicks, and invoice your clients for both services and products
  • Track the stock of all the invoiced products
  • Send invoices by email and get paid by credit card, or online via online payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe...etc
  • Create estimates/quotes and turn them into invoices upon the clients approval
  • Get a report of the total daily/weekly / monthly revenue & sales
  • Record your daily expenses, purchase orders and generate a profit & loss report.
  • Generate summaries and detailed tax reports.
  • Observe your total sales (Invoices) whether done by a specific staff member or a client.
  • View full activity logs for any action done by a client or a staff member.

Manage and track your stock of cosmetics and beauty products

  • Create a full list of suppliers to be able create & send them purchase orders
  • Track your makeup, skin care, hair conditioner products, cosmetics supplies, and materials stock.
  • Get a list of transactions and stock movement for any product (inward, and outward)
  • Be able to specify a set of prices that you can apply to a group of clients.
  • Get alerted and notified once any of the products are running low/short so that your business would not be affected or interrupted.
Manage and track your stock of cosmetics and beauty products

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