Clinic management and accounting system

Our system will fully automate your practice, meaning you and your staff are working in the areas that matter, allowing you to provide a better service to your patients and run a more profitable business.

Online Invoices provides a billing and accounting system developed for clinics.

Using Online Invoices you will able to create appointments quickly and easily for your patients, create a full profile for every patient containing his medical history, visits, and billing (timeline), do all of your clinic accounting and track expenses and income, and track the stock of your medical supplies used in your clinic.

Patient management system

  • Create a detailed profile page for each patient including full medical records, payment history, and appointment schedule.
  • Add medical notes, view X-rays and test results...etc. to patient profile, and share with him online if needed.
  • Schedule and manage appointments.
  • Automate follow-up calls, emails, and text reminders with your patients.
  • Be able to contact patients to confirm / rearrange appointments at the touch of a button.
Inventory Management.

Accounting and billing system for your clinic

  • Issue invoices for your healthcare services and medical equipment.
  • Track the expenses of your practice and be able to quickly call up a live profit-and-loss sheet using our advanced and simple accounting tools.
  • Keep up-to-date records of how many patients you care for and the status of each patient.
  • Manage sales and purchases of medical supplies.

Manage the practitioners easily

  • Divide work tasks between the practitioners and assign different patients to different practitioners.
  • View the full actions log (timeline) of each practitioner.
Inventory Management.
Inventory Management.

Keep track of medical supplies, stock, and equipment easily

  • Keep track of stock and know the exact stock level of medical supplies at all times.
  • View the full transactions history.
  • Be sent reminders when an item is low in stock.
  • Place new orders instantly with our excellent inventory management tool.
  • Quickly see what products are selling to which customers.

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