Import Products

Through the “products” tab, select the “Create product” option.

Adding the new Product’s details:


  • Entering the “Product Details”:
    1. “Name”: Enter the product name (make sure to select a remarkable clear attributive name).
    2. “Description”: Add a description to the products/services you are offering/presenting.
      1.  If you want to use one field only for describing your item, leave this particular field empty and it will not be showing on the invoice.
      2. This is not a mandatory field.
    3. “Retail Price”: Enter the price WITHOUT the currency symbol as this is not a mandatory field.
    4. “Tax 1&2”: Select the default tax to add to the product/service.( This is also not a mandatory field). You can add one or two taxes (or no tax at all).
    5. “Product Code”: Determine the product/service code (This is also not a mandatory field). Determining the product code allows you to locate the product code if you were to use the “Search” bar.
    6. “Bar Code”: An optional field to fill out and on the other hand, it will help you to locate your products/services using a “Bar Code Scanner” while creating your invoices.
    7. “Category”: Classify your products/services into Categories so you can easily locate them by their categories at the “Search” bar.
    8. Tags”: Add any “Tags” for your products/services.
    9. Internal Notes”: This feature allows your to add any specific notes to the product/service whether to describe it or to write a shortly briefed paragraph about the details.
    10. Temporarily Deactivate”: this feature allows you to temporarily deactivate the product/service existing on file by checking the checkbox on the left-hand side of the“Temporarily Deactivate” option.

Click on the “Save” button to save the new product/service.



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  • Hi, how do you link your scanner to the invoice system?

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