Management Solution for Outsourcing and Consulting Enterprises

OnlineInvoices: cloud-based platform your teamwork needs to speed up communications and boost productivity.

Take your outsourcing and consulting services to the next level with our all-in one solution. Manage sales, service orders, clients, inventory and more with ease. Strive for service excellence creating insightful reports. Internal, external and outsourced team members collaborate in the same place for spanning performance and business relation management.

Practice management

Outsourcing services management solution

  • Detail your contacts and consultancy service orders seamlessly.
  • Plan and set timelines and deadlines.
  • Automated calls, emails, and reminders to look after clients closely.
  • CRM: a bedrock capability to provide valuable consultancy or outsourcing services

Drive success with streamlined accounting functions

  • Track your spending, adjust expenditure and increase incomes.
  • Dynamic profit-and-loss reporting.
  • Clients’ records and statuses at your fingertips.
  • Bookkeep, edit and print your financial transactions .
Accounting and billing
Inventory Management.

Manage your personnel anywhere

  • Manage roles and hand out jobs to staff inside or outside your premises.
  • Assign and track outsourcing and consultancy services .
  • Get a full activity log (timeline) of each team member.
  • Track your consultants' timesheets.

Sales manager platform

  • Issue invoices of outsourced services and offered consultancies.
  • Bill your customers for hours worked.
  • Check clients’ multi-currency payments.
  • One-size-fits-all reporting feature to enhance workflow.
Workflow full control
Manage your staff

Operate outsourced and consultancy services

  • Wide-ranging set of reports to cover service orders, sales team, time-tracking, etc.
  • Add, edit, clone and track outsourced service orders.
  • Create your own service order layout with multi-fields.

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