Business Solution for International Trade Operations

“Online Invoices” solution revolutionizes how export-import business is conducted. Powerful tool allows access and grants privileges to procurement, shipping, factory, warehouse, customers, suppliers, and logistics partners. Optimize your exporting and importing efficiency with interdependent tasks. Increase your operations’ profit and reduce delays by online fruitful collaboration.

Practice management

Import-export business process management tool

  • Develop strong relations with prospects and customers.
  • Manage contacts with cross-functional customer profiles.
  • Schedule appointments for invoices, orders, clients, and quotations.
  • Drive for excellence by outstanding customer support.
  • Learn from our insightful reporting .

Billing and accounting platform for global trades

  • Automatic cost calculation.
  • Manage the stock of purchased and sold goods.
  • Calculate incomes and generate charts.
  • Track expenses and adjust spending.
  • Build journal entries with logs for every transaction.
Accounting and billing
Inventory Management.

Enhance sales management

  • Add and follow up invoices in meticulous detail.
  • Create, manage and follow up quotations .
  • Take credit notes and list refund receipts.
  • Show full payments of a single client.
  • Manage sales pipeline and track recurring invoices.

Workflow capacity booster

  • Digitize your entire import-export process.
  • Track orders, shipments, and consignments.
  • Versatile order system with a real-time activity log.
  • Attach notes or documents and set deadlines while processing clients’ requests.
Workflow full control
Manage your staff

Taking care of the staff

  • Assign tasks to every team member .
  • Add newcomers and place hourly wages.
  • Create a full payroll through our staff listing .
  • Define staff roles and customize everyone’s access to the system.

Inventory logistics

  • Integrated warehouse and inventory management of products and services.
  • Itemize your products.
  • Receive alerts of stock levels.
  • Manage purchase orders and notify suppliers.
Manage your staff

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