Online Accounting and CRM software

With the online accounting and CRM software from OI you can track the income and expenses of your business, also you can check the profit and loss report over a certain period of time to and follow the progress of your business and how successful it is.

Track the business expenses, income and sales for each staff member and category.

If your business has taxes the system will calculate your taxes without the need for an accountant.

Track your customer’s payments though the different payment gateways (Cash – bank – online gateways) and paid/un paid invoices, date of the next stallments, rent or subscription…etc.

in a nut shell the online accounting and CRM system form OI comes with many exclusive and simple tools that will help you follow and manage your business like a piece of cake.

Manage and follow sales and purchases

  • All sales and purchases action are done with a single control panel in OI.
  • With few clicks you can follow the latest sales/purchase orders and issue invoices for product/services and send it to your clients or print it directly.
  • Also you can follow the statues of invoices payments, installments and subscriptions.
Online Accounting and CRM software
Online Accounting and CRM software

Calculate your profit and avoid any loss

  • The advanced profit and loss reports will help you track how effective and successful your business is.
  • The advanced reports will help you develop your business and discover any issues so you can fix or avoid it.

Follow the expenses and costs for each staff member and category

  • You and your staff members can record your business expenses and attach any receipts/invoices related to this expense and add it under any category or tags.
  • Track the expenses with the advanced reports and know how much your business cost to operate and what category get the most funds helping you determine how you can improve the profit by limiting unnecessary expenses.
Online Accounting and CRM software
Online Accounting and CRM software

Follow the latest and the following payment transactions by your clients

  • With the online accounting and CRM software you will be able to follow all payment transitions for invoices, stallments or subscriptions showing the quantity, date a of payment and the staff member who accepted it.
  • Create reports to measure how effective every payment gateway is, and calculate the sum of payments of any gateway and staff member or time periods.

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