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Adding a discount or deposit to an invoice

When creating or editing an invoice  a discount or deposit can be added from the “Create Invoice” page. Click on the “More Options” button and choose the “Discount & Deposit” tab. Add the discount in percentage Note when we added a 25% discount the discounted value is added to the invoice.. Add the Deposit (Next Payment) as a  Fixed Amount or  as a percentage. If this invoice is to be paid in instalments – write […]


Import Products

Through the “products” tab, select the “Create product” option. Adding the new Product’s details: Entering the “Product Details”: “Name”: Enter the product name (make sure to select a remarkable clear attributive name). “Description”: Add a description to the products/services you are offering/presenting.  If you want to use one field only for describing your item, leave this particular field empty and it will not be showing on the invoice. This is not a mandatory field. “Retail Price”: Enter the […]


View and Manage Invoice Payment History

Through the “Invoice & Estimates” tab select “Invoice Payment History”. If you have activated the “Inventory management and control software “ from the “Plug-in Manager” section, then the “Invoice & Estimates” tab will be showing as  “Sales”. On this page, you will see all the payments that have been received by your clients related to the invoices and the “Payment Method”. Using the “Search” bar to filter the payments. You can filter by: “Invoice Number” “Client’s Business Name”. “Payment Method”. […]


How to Add New Clients on Online Invoices

To start invoicing your clients you will need to add them and you can do that by doing the following steps: 1- Through the “Clients” tab, Select the  “Add  New Client” option. 2- Add the new “Client Details”: Please Note only the required fields are (Your client’s business name, client number and client’s  email address if you selected the “Send Via Email” Invoicing method). Complete the “Client Details” field: “Business Name”: Enter the client business name […]


Create your first invoice with Online invoices

Through the “Invoices & Estimates” tab, Select “Create Invoices”. If you have activated the “Inventory management and control software“ through using the “Plug-in Manager” section, then the “Invoice & Estimates” tab will be showing  “Sales”.   Anatomy of an invoice   If you have created any previously filled invoices templates or invoice layouts you can select to have them applied through this option: Select a previously filled invoice from your existing saved “Pre-filled Invoice Templates”, once you select an […]


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