View and Manage Invoice Payment History

Through the “Invoice & Estimates” tab select Invoice Payment History”. If you have activated the Inventory management and control software  from the “Plug-in Manager” section, then the Invoice & Estimates” tab will be showing as  Sales”.

On this page, you will see all the payments that have been received by your clients related to the invoices and the “Payment Method”.


Using the “Search” bar to filter the payments. You can filter by:

  • “Invoice Number”
  • “Client’s Business Name”.
  • “Payment Method”.
  • “Date” Range.
  • “Amount” Range.
  • “Status” of the payment.
  • Invoices “Collected by” (Staff member).

The rows of payments will list the “ID”, the “Invoice Number”, “Amount”, “Payment Method”, and the “Status”.

You can also view, edit and delete the payment by clicking the blue colored button at the right-hand side of the payment row.


Multiple Payments entries can be deleted by ticking on the Check Boxes” and then clicking on the Delete” button.


You will be seeing this confirmation message that will populate when you click the “Delete” button so click the Yes” button to confirm deleting the marked payments.


Please Note that:

When you delete a payment then the invoice becomes partially paid or unpaid.


payment details


    1. The view payment page will show the payment ID for this invoice, as well as the status of the payment.
    2. A payment can be edited by clicking the Edit” button.
    3. “Client Details” shows the basic details of the client who made the payment
    4. “Payment Details” shows information about the specific payment.
    5. Use the Edit Payment” button to edit payments.
    6. Using the blue“Receipt” button at the top right corner, you can “Print” a hard copy of your payment receipt or save it as a “PDF” file.


    1. The “Method” of payment, “Amount”, “Ref no.” and “Payment Status” are editable, (can be modified)
    2. Payment detail notes can be added (ie. Usually pays 15 days after the end of the month.)
    3. Related documents to the specific payment can be attached such as (Contracts, letters of confirmation, etc..)



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