How to Invoice in Installments in OnlineInvoices

If you have clients who like to pay in installments or you use installment invoices, you can follow this tutorial to invoice your clients in installments:

There are two ways:

First: Create one invoice with the total required to be paid

  1.  From the “Invoices & Estimates” invoice menu, choose “Create Invoice“.
    • From the “Sales” invoice menu, choose “Create Invoice” if you have activated the “Inventory Management” Plugin.
  2. Add your items details with total and save your invoice, learn how to create a new invoice .
  3. For each “installment” (payment), open your saved invoice, click “Add Payment“, and enter the details of the payment. Your client can also add the payments manually using his login page.
  4. Set the auto reminder option on the invoice page to remind your client of every installment’s date, e.g., every week it would email showing the invoice, paid balance, and amount to be paid. Adding automatic reminders to the invoice.
  5. To get the balance due with different payments done on the invoice, click on the client, then click on “Statement” button.

Second: Create an automatic recurring invoices

If there is a fixed amount to be paid on a specific date, you can use this option.

  1. From the “Invoice & Estimates” menu, choose “Recurring Invoices”. If you have activated the “Inventory management and control software” from the plugin manager area, then the “Invoice & Estimates” menu will be “Sales“.
  2. Click the “New Subscription” button. Creating Recurring Invoices in the Online Invoices System
  3. Add the details of the required recurring payment; in this case, the system will automatically create invoices with From and To fields.

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