View the Activity Log for a Client

To keep track of every action happen on your account whether from you, your staff or your client, use Online Invoice’s activity log to review every action e.g. adding, editing, deleting, viewing…etc.

To view the activity log for a certain client:

  1. From the “Clients” menu choose “Manage Clients“.
  2. From the Clients list and next to the clients you wish to view his activity log click the arrow then click “View“.
  3. From the Client view page click the “Activity log” tab.view the activity log for your clients
  4. The activity log tab will list all actions done on or by clients showing it in chronological order with the exact time his action is done
  5. The showed actions are:
    • Client Views Invoice
    • Client Prints Invoice
    • Client Makes a Payment
    • Client Views Estimate
    • Client Prints Estimate
    • Client Reads Estimate Email
    • Client Accepts Estimate
    • Read Email
    • Add Client
    • Update Client
    • Client Login
    • Login as Client
    • Send Email To Client
    • Assign Staff To Client
    • Unassigned Staff From Client
    • Client Download File
    • Add New Client Notes / Attachments
    • Update Client Notes / Attachments
    • Delete Client Notes / Attachments
    • Update Client Appointment
    • Delete Client Appointment
    • Add Client Appointment
    • Update Client Status
    • Update Client Category
    • Client Views Note

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