How to translate the invoice into your language

If the English labels of the invoice isn’t suitable with your country’s regulations and need it to be fully in your language all you need to do is to create an invoice layout and rename the labels into your language and this is how:


  1. From the “Templates” menu choose “Invoice/Estimate Layout“.
  2. Click the “New Invoice Layout” button.
  3. Choose a template
  4. Press the “Change Labels” button.
    change lables
  5. Start translating the invoice into you language from the labels box also you can click in each label from the invoice show and rename it directly.
    change lables2
  6. After finishing the edits on the template choose a name for it and click Save.save
    1. You can Set this layout as default for invoice, estimate or time sheets by ticking its check box or you can choose the template directly when building a new invoice if you need to use it a few times only.

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