How to mark an invoice as paid – Partial Paid or unpaid?

After sending an invoice to your client you can manually add payments to this invoice and mark it as paid or Partial Paid.

To add payment to an invoice:

  1. From the “Invoices” menu choose “Manage Invoices“.
  2. The unpaid invoice will be marked as unpaid like this mage below:
  3. To add a payment to the invoice click the “More” button and  choose “Add Payment”.
    add payment
  4. This payment page allows you to record payments made for invoices, usually that have been made outside the system. You will need to enter the method by which the invoice was paid and a transaction ID (either from the Payment Gateway provider, or a suitable reference number useful to you). You can also add any notes relating to the payment, plus amend the status as appropriate.
  5. Add a part of the payment to mark the invoice as Partial Paid .
  6. After saving the payment go the the “Manage Invoices” and check the invoice marked as partial paid
  7. To Mark the invoice as paid redo the same steps and add the full amount of payment.

Remove Payments and Mark an Invoice as “Not Paid”

  1. From the “Invoices” menu choose “Manage Invoices“.
  2. Next to the invoice you want to mark as unpaid click the “View” button.
  3. Click the “Payment” tab.delete-payment
  4. Delete all the payments associated with this invoice.
    Delete Payment
  5. Check the statue  invoice in the”Manage invoices” page.

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