How to Manage your Appointments

Appointments management is another feature OI introduces to efficiently manage your clients. You can use appointments in the most effective way that suits your business. E.g. Patients-doctors appointments, , delivery/reception appointments, parents-teachers appointments…etc.

Use the search bar to filter the appointments.
appointments filter

  • Filter by the status of the appointments (Scheduled – Dismissed – Done – All).
  • Filter by the clients status. This list is customizable to suit your business needs.
  • Filter by the action done with the client.  This list is customizable to suit your business needs.
  • Filter by the client to show only appointments for a certain client.
  • Filter by client category. you can assign a category to a client while creating/editing him.
  • Filter by the staff member who created the appointments from the added by drop down menu.
  • Filter by date range.

To start managing your appointments:

  1. Through the “Clients” tab, Select the Appointments” option.
  2. The appointments page will list all the recent appointments.

manage appointments


If you want to manage any appointment please click the blue button at the end of the row as showing in the figure above.

  1. Click View Client” to view the client associated with the appointment.
  2. Click Edit” to modify the appointment.
  3. Click Delete” to completely delete the appointment. For your information, Deleted appointments can never be retrieved.
  4. Click Dismiss” to dismiss an appointment. Dismissed appointments can be retrieved to their original statuses.
  5. Click Done” to mark an appointment as done.
  6. Click Done with Note” to mark an appointment as done and add any related notes to the client’s profile.


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