How to Add New Notes and Attachments to your Client’s Profile

To efficiently manage your clients, you can add notes and attach files to any client’s profile. These notes can be very beneficial to your business, and it’s advantages of use are totally limitless, and it can be customized to fit your business needs, Also you can share these notes and attachments with your clients or keep them for yourself for future reference.


To add a new note and attachment, please  follow the following steps:

  1. Through the “Clients” tab, Select the  Manage Clients” option.
  2. Through the Clients list, Click on the client’s row to view the client or you can also click on the blue button at the right-hand side corner then select the view option to be able to view the client
  3. Through the client’s view page click the Add Note / Attachment” button.Add notes or appointements
  4. The add new note page will populate.Add notes or appointements page
  5. Select a date from the “Date” field.
  6. Select an action from the “Action Performed” drop-down menu. Please note, the menu is customizable, which means, you can edit a numerous number of actions to suit your business needs.
  7. Select a new client status from the “Update Status to” drop-down menu. Please note, the menu is customizable, as you can edit the status to suit your business needs.
  8. Add your note in the text area.
  9. Attach any related files from the “Attachments”  section.
  10. If you wish to schedule an appointment, activate the appointments section.
  11. Tick the “Share with client” checkbox if you wish to share the note/attachment with your client.
  12. Click the “Save” button to Save the note and attachment.


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