How to Add a New Inventory Product on the “Online Invoices” Inventory system

The first step concerning managing your inventory is adding your “Products &  Services” and you can do that through the following steps.


  1. Through the “Inventory” tab, select the  “Inventory” option.
  2. Click the “New Product” button on the top right corner.


Add the new Product’s details:

  1. “Name”: Enter the product “Name” (make sure to select a remarkable clear attributive name).
  2. “Description”: Add a “Description” to the “Products/Services” you are offering/presenting.
    1.  If you want to use one field only for describing your item, leave this particular field empty and it will not be showing on the invoice.
    2. This is not a mandatory field.
  3. “Retail Price”: Enter the price (WITHOUT) the currency symbol as this is not a mandatory field.
  4. “Tax 1&2”: Select the default tax to add to the “Product/Service”.( This is also not a mandatory field). You can add one or two taxes (or no tax at all).
  5. “Product Code”: Determine the “Product/Service Code” (This is also not a mandatory field). Determining the “Product Code” allows you to locate the product code if you were to use the “Search” bar.
  6. “Bar Code”: An optional field to fill out and on the other hand, it will help you to locate your “Products/Services” using a “Bar Code Scanner” while creating your invoices.
  7. “Category”: Classify your “Products/Services” into Categories so you can easily locate them by their categories using the  “Search” bar.
  8. Tags”: Add any “Tags” to your “Products/Services”.
  9. Internal Notes”: This feature allows your to add any specific notes to the “Products/Services” whether to describe it or to write a shortly briefed paragraph about the details.
  10. Check the “Track Stock” checkbox to let the system track the number of products and update it automatically with every operation done with it (sale – purchase).
    1. Regarding the “Initial Stock Level”, enter the current quantity of the items in stock.
    2. Regarding the “Low Stock Threshold”, you will get a low stock notification when product quantity is equal or below this number.
  11. Temporarily Deactivate”: this feature allows you to “Temporarily Deactivate” the product/service existing on file by checking the checkbox on the left-hand side of the“Temporarily Deactivate” option.
  12. Click on the “Save” button to save the new product.

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