New Updates for OnlineInvoices

We have updated our OnlineInvoices system with new features, updates, and issue fixes. All updates have been added free of charge.

Details of some of the new updates:

1- Invoice Activity Log
With this feature, you will able to view the progress of your new created invoices and estimates, as well as the different actions done by you, your staff, and your clients in a timeline view or a table view. You will able to track every update, payment, and sent email for your invoice and track every small action when the client prints or views your invoice.

2- System Activity log & Staff Timeline
Similar to the new “Invoice Activity log” feature, now you will able to track all activities done on the system, and you can filter activities by staff, client, or activity. With this new feature, you will able to track every small update and action done on the system, track your staff performance and mistakes, and know how everything is going.

3- Face to Face Credit-Card payment
Now, by integrating “Stripe” with onlineinvoices, if you need to charge your client in store or face-to-face using his credit card, you only need to add a new payment to your invoice, select “Stripe”, and enter your client credit card details to get an instant response of success or fail. The money will go to your stripe account, where you can withdraw to your bank account at any time.
With this new feature, your staff will able to charge your clients anywhere, using their mobile or tablets via credit card payments.

4- Notifications System
Now, for every action performed by your clients which requires a response from you (such as accepting estimates online, adding pending payments, and new automatically generated recurring invoice), you will get a new notification once you login to the system.


Check the new updates  on your OnlineInvoices system. Login to your account or Register for a free account, now.

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