Vieiwing your Account Information

To be able to access your “Account Information”: Please do the following steps.

Through the “Settings” tab, select the “Account Information” option.

The “Account Information” page will display all the existing information about your account:


  • The “Business Name” and the “Subdomain” of the business.
  • The “Address of your business”.
  • The “System’s Default currency”.
  • Your “Time Zone”.
  • Your “Date Format”.Account-info-2


Through the “Account Information” page, you will be able to upgrade your “Online Invoices” system or renew your subscription, it will also show you the subscription expiration date of your system.



You will also be able to track how many “Invoices”, “Estimates”, “Products”, and “Clients” you have already created…etc.



“Download Backup”: You can be able to download  “CSV” backup files of your data which includes your own (“Invoices”,”Clients”,”Estimates”,”Recurring Invoices”,”Prefilled Invoices”,”Documents”,”Terms” and also “Invoice Layouts”), just by clicking on the green “Download Backup” at the bottom left hand side.

Please note that: In order to be able to use this feature, you need to subscribe to one of the paid plans (“Silver”- “Gold”- “Platinum”).

“Cancel this Account”: This option allows you to delete and cancel your account permanently off the “Online Invoices” software.
Please note that: All the existing data will be deleted with the account if you proceeded with the “Cancel this Account” process and the deleted data can not be retrieved or restored.

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