Generate an Invoice using the Time-sheet

Creating an Invoice Using the Timesheet:

  1. Through the “Time Tracking” tab, select the “Generate Invoice” option.
    Invoice from time-sheet
  2. The Settings
    1. “List By”: Select to list by and display “Project”, “Activity”, “Staff” or “Date”.
    2. “Format”: Select whether you want the items to be in “Detailed” -every added time in a separate row- or “Grouped” by “Project”, “Activity”, “Staff” or “Date Range”.
    3. “Include the description”: If you want to add a description to the item field on the invoice: “Project”, “Activity”, “Staff”, “Notes” or the “Date Range” then you can tick the checkbox.
    4. “Date Range”: Select the “Date Range” you want for the invoice. If it will be left blank, all the unbilled hours for the project will be invoiced.
    5. “Default Hour Rate”: Add the default hour rate of the hours you will be adding in the invoices, the rate can be changed separately for each item in the invoice.
    6. “Project”: Select a project that you want to invoice for the duration spent working on it.
    7. “Staff”: Select a certain staff member to invoice for the duration he/they added.
    8. “Activity”: Select an activity you want to invoice for the time spent working on it.
    9. Click the green “Submit” button to generate the invoice, once you generate the invoice you can complete it’s data same like any normal invoice, choosing a client or adding the special fields, etc.

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