Managing Terms and Conditions

Through the “Templates” tab, select the “Terms & Conditions” option.

The “Terms and Conditions” page will list all the terms that you have previously created earlier.



  • Use the “Search” bar feature to search for the “Terms” by entering their titles in the “Title” field then click on “Filter”
  • Next, to each “Term” click the “Edit” button to edit it or the “Delete” button to delete it.

Adding theĀ  New “Terms & Conditions” File.

This detailed disclosure is about adding new “Terms & Conditions” to your “Online Invoices” system. To learn how to add the “Terms & Conditions” to your “Invoice/Estimate” please check the following link: Adding a terms and conditions agreement to the invoice.

  1. Through the “Templates” tab, Select the “Terms & Conditions” option.
  2. At the top right corner click the “New Term” button.


  • Title”: Determine a title for your Terms e.g. “Late Fees”.
  • “Upload document”:
    • Select this option if you want to upload a “Terms & Conditions” file. This can be attached to invoices if required.
    • The (Permitted) file formats are (pdf, docx, and doc) and the max file size is100MB.
  • Text input:
    • Select this option if you wish to add any specific “Terms & Conditions” text to be displayed on your payment page.
    • Once you choose this option, An “Editor” (“Content”) section will be populated so you can add or paste your text into it.text editor
  • Click the green “Submit” button to save the editions made.


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