Managing Tax Settings on “Online invoices” Software.

Managing the “Tax Settings” on  “Online Invoices” software.

Through the “Settings” tab, select the “Tax Settings” option.

This page showing below will display all your “added taxes”.


  • You can modify the “Tax Name” and “Tax Value” directly through the text boxes.
  • Click the green “Add New Tax” button to add a new tax entry.
  • When you tick the checkbox below the “Included” column, the tax will be included at the item prices shown on the invoice. The invoice total will also include the added tax, though the tax component will be calculated and displayed separately.
    • The check box below the “Included” column allows you to add the full price of the product (including tax), and showing the included tax to the client without increasing the amount. I.e. if you added a product for $10 with a tax 10%, and (DIDN’T)  tick the checkbox below the “Included” column, the total price will be $11, and the tax will be $1.
      If you entered the product price = 10, with a tax %10, and TICKED “Included”, the total price will be $10, and the tax will be 0.91 (price with tax=$10, tax (10%)=0.91, Price without tax=9.09).
  • To be able to delete a specific  “Tax” then click on the “Delete” button showing on the right-hand side below the “Actions” column
  • Click “Save” to save the changes you have made to the taxes.

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