Managing Payment Options in the Online Invoices System

Through the “Settings” tab, select the “Payment Options” option.

“Online Invoices” has multiple Payment Gateways integrated and built into the system. To enable them to be used by clients to make the payments to you, you will first need to create an account with that provider. You will then need to enter the relevant “Username” and “Password”, and then “activate” that gateway for your system. You can choose at any time to disable any of the gateways, without having to delete them from the system, and re-enable again if required.




  • The “Online Invoices” system offers and presents lots of methods and gateways for payments.
  • Payment method instructions are displayed to your client for online payment (i.e. bank account number, cheque payment details, postal address, etc).
  • You can also suggest another payment method or gateway.



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