The Advantages of Being a Freelancer

Have you ever dreamed of being a freelance programmer, writer or designer?

Every day during your regular life as an employee, does the idea of a freelance life sounds liberating?

So what is a freelancer?
A freelancer is a person who is self-employed with no long term commitment to an employer. These days freelance jobs cover lot of work fields, from with basic data entry and writing, to designing and even sophisticated programming.

Below are the advantages and disadvantages of freelance work.

When you are a freelancer you get to be independent – to be your own boss.

  • Set your own working hours 

flexibility of hour. You can get your work done after you’re finished with you personal life, after your part time job or after finishing a class you’re taking.

  • Choose where and when to work

Any place with a computer or laptop can be your working space, so you can work from home, in your garden, or even on the beach, as long as you get the job done.

  • No commuting

No travel worries, wasted hours or money for fuel and car maintenance. Not commuting every day between work and home is a huge advantage of being a freelancer.

  • Balance between work and life 

You can spend more time with your family and friends and do the things you love. Again, that’s a major advantage of working from home, as you save a lot of hours that would be otherwise wasted on commuting and useless meetings in the regular workplace.

  • Get credit for your own work

How many times have you done some great work only for your boss to get the credit for it, or your colleague got a raise instead of you? As a freelancer you will get all the credit for your hard work, as they’ll be no one there to steal it from you.

  • Diversity

Getting different projects from multiple clients in different countries provides a healthy diversity in your work. You will get to see and work on interesting and useful projects which you can enjoy working on and developing your skills with.

  • The power of choice 

Unlike employees, you will have the freedom to reject any project or client you don’t like.

  • Get paid

Freelancers can work for hourly rates or even project rates, so once their job is done they can get paid immediately, using online invoice software, and they won’t have to wait until the end of the month to get their paycheck.

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