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OnlineInvoices' online system provides many advanced and simple tools to manage your school and track student information efficiently and effectively. Our user-friendly online management and accounting system makes it easy to bill your students, manage contact lists and student historical information, and track school expenses and income.

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Online Student Information Management System

  • Create a detailed profile page for each student including personal information, classes studied, certificates, course progress, attendance, and payment history.
  • Add notes and upload documents from tutors and share them online with students' parents if required.
  • Schedule and manage meetings, extra tuition between staff and students' parents.
  • Send quick emails to parents using email templates and keep the history of all notes, contacts.


Simple accounting system for your school

  • Issue invoices for courses, educational tools, and training materials.
  • Automatic recurring invoice generation for subscriptions and recurring tuition fees.
  • Receive payments online for the issued invoices by credit card; send invoices to the parents via email.
  • Track the expenses for school, as well as income and taxes.
  • Manage and track sales, purchase orders, and suppliers.


Assign and monitor work with staff management

  • Divide work tasks between your colleagues and staff members.
  • Set targets for your business, either daily, weekly, quarterly or annually.
  • Help with staff accountability, career development and productivity.
  • Set clear objectives and milestones.


Keep track of the educational supplies stock level, and movements

  • Keep track of your inventory and the hygiene and educational supplies, stock levels and movements.
  • Receive reminders when an item is low in stock.
  • Manage different material suppliers and their contacts list.
  • Place new orders instantly with our excellent inventory management tool and send to your suppliers.

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