Client Management

Contact Management

Manage a database of clients whether they’re individuals or businesses, categorize them and add their detailed information, default invoicing method and opening balance.

Custom client status

Status help you filter and follow up clients, continue where you left and track your teams’ communication and progress with clients; find them ready-made or customize your own.

Client custom fields

Customize different types of fields in clients’ profiles to suit your needs and communication strategy using a seamless editor.

Client Statement

Generate clients’ account statements with detailed account activity including transactions’ log, paid to date and balance due amount.

Appointment bookings

Schedule clients’ appointments, by date, duration and appointment purpose and easily send meeting details to clients.

Staff assignment

Assign staff members to a client or a group of categorized clients to handle their invoices, payments or appointments and personalize communication with them.

Clients’ printable

Create, customize and save your own clients’ printable templates to serve multiple purposes including ID cards, membership cards, tags, attendance checkers, vouchers and more.

Client portal

Offer clients their own portal and send them their online login details to the system where they can view notifications and appointments’ details, track their statuses and fulfill invoice payments.

Client Follow-up

Stay connected with your clients and ensure their satisfaction by setting follow-up meetings and deal closure appointments.

Clients’ notes &

Log notes in each client’s profile to ease client follow-up, upload attachments and easily share them with your clients.

Recurring appointments

Set a client’s appointment as recurring in case of recurring meetings and client requests. The system automatically creates an appointment based on the date and frequency set.


Email or SMS clients to remind them of appointments, payment due dates, or notify them of bookings’ status updates, further appointments or your latest news and offers.

Client payments

Easily track clients’ payments per invoice and status and view their balance statements.

Client permissions

Enable or disable client privileges, control exactly what they can view and the actions they can perform based on your needs or their preferences.

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